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Your Gift Cards Reimagined

Unlock new customers and revenue with alsomine, a unique platform revolutionizing the way you can benefit from blockchain-based gift cards.
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Grow your gift card revenues today


Tokenising gift cards

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Supercharge gift card value for businesses and consumers

Consumer Platform


Transform your business with Alsomine, the leading blockchain-enabled gift card platform. Alsomine is at the forefront of revolutionizing gift card issuance and trading, offering an innovative, patent pending solution in the fintech space.

With alsomine you can leverage the robust security and transparency of blockchain technology, without having to develop on ir integrate with blockchain yourself.

Our platform enables to issue, manage and redeem digital gift cards, seamlessly issue non-custodial digital wallets and much more,  providing your customers with unparalleled convenience.
Move beyond traditional gift card systems and embrace Alsomine’s advanced approach to gift card management, enhancing your revenue and customer engagement.

Corporate Products


At Alsomine, we are not simply changing the way gift cards work, we are completely transforming the way brands, retailers, and marketplaces interact with them. With our advanced blockchain platform, we have unlocked the full potential of gift cards, turning them into powerful tools that can generate revenue, engage customers, and enhance loyalty.



  • Enhanced Security and Transparency: our blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent transactions, providing trust and reliability for gift card issuers and recipients.

  • Reduced Breakage, Maximized Value: We minimize gift card breakage, ensuring that more cards result in active customer experiences. This boosts revenue and satisfaction.

  • Versatile Business Models: Whether you're looking at closed-loop systems for brand-specific rewards or open-loop systems for wider redemption options, our platform is adaptable, designed to suit your specific business needs.

  • Immediate Revenue Opportunities: We specialize in creating opportunities for immediate revenue generation through the sale and redemption of gift cards. Our focus is on the dynamic markets of the USA and UK, helping brands to tap into these lucrative sectors efficiently.

  • Data-Driven Insights for Strategic Decisions: Leverage data analytics to drive business by understanding consumer behaviour, real-time purchasing patterns, and preferences, and engaging with invisible gift card customers.

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About Us
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It's time to maximize Gift cards potential!

Blockchain based gift cards are a vehicle to carry value, experiences and usability of services between companies and customers, web2 and web3 alike.

We want to see customers get the amazing value great gift cards can enable, and pass on gift cards they no longer want or need to others.

By focusing on what customers truly want, we are able to give companies what they really need - higher revenues, liquidity and customer satisfaction.



About Alsomine: Alsomine is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform specializing in gift card solutions. We revolutionize the way businesses and consumers benefit from gift cards, offering unique technology designed to grow gift card revenues and liquidity. Focused on customer value and satisfaction, Alsomine bridges the gap between traditional markets and innovative blockchain technology.

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